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MATH 1463 Course Information    
TitleFunctions and Modeling
DepartmentComp & Mathematical Sciences
LevelUndergraduate - Lower Division
CIP Code270101
DescriptionTopics covered are equations and functions (linear, polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic) from various perspectives (symbolic, verbal, numerical, graphical); digital techniques for graphing functions, solving equations, and modeling data using regressions. This course is designed for students in agricultural, business, life/health science, or social science majors. Does not apply towards a minor or major in mathematics. Lecture 3 hours. Prerequisite: MATH 0213 or MATH 0115 or satisfactory placement score. General Education, Mathematics.
PrerequisitesMATH 0213 or 0115 or satisfactory placement score
Grade ModeStandard Letter
General EducationY
General Ed Lab Science 
Liberal ArtsY
Teacher Education 
Approved DeliveryTraditional
Instructional MethodLecture or lecture with formally scheduled discussion, activity, demonstration, clinic
Credit Hours3
Faculty Load Hours3
Contact Hrs48
Enrollment Based WkldNo
Max Load 
First Term OfferedSummer 2020
Last Term ModifiedSpring 2020
Last Term OfferedFall 2024
General Ed Student Learning OutcomesThe student will apply knowledge and logic to solve problems (Problem Solving).
General Ed Assessment Measures