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PHIL 1113 Course Information    
TitleIntroduction To Philosophy
DepartmentSocial Sciences
LevelUndergraduate - Lower Division
CIP Code380101
DescriptionThis class aims to introduce students to philosophy as an academic discipline and as a distinctive intellectual and moral attitude towards the world and oneself, one marked by the belief that the use of reason in the search for truth is the most important human activity. We will consider questions such as the relation between philosophy and society, the existence of God, the character of and grounds for human knowledge, and the nature and status of morality. Throughout we will concentrate on close readings of the texts under discussion. Representative readings: Plato, Aquinas, Descartes, Nietzsche. Lecture 3 hours.
Grade ModeStandard Letter
General EducationY
General Ed Lab Science 
Liberal ArtsY
Teacher Education 
Approved DeliveryTraditional
Hybrid - Term approved: Fall 2002
Online - Term approved: Fall 2002
Instructional MethodLecture or lecture with formally scheduled discussion, activity, demonstration, clinic
Credit Hours3
Faculty Load Hours3
Contact Hrs48
Enrollment Based WkldNo
RepeatsCourse may not be repeated
Max Load 
First Term OfferedUnknown
Last Term ModifiedUnknown
Last Term OfferedFall 2024
General Ed Student Learning OutcomesThe student will demonstrate knowledge of similarities and differences among cultures. (Diversity)
General Ed Assessment MeasuresA locally developed essay question will be assessed using the Cultural Diversity Rubric.