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COMM 1113 Course Information    
TitlePrinciples of Communication
DepartmentComm, Eng, & Foreign Languages
LevelUndergraduate - Lower Division
CIP Code090101
DescriptionPrinciples of Communication is an introductory course designed to acquaint students with the basic theories of human communication and provide a comprehensive look at the communication field. The course will deliver a summary overview of the interrelated components of communication, to include verbal communication, mass communication, organizational communication, intercultural communication and digital communication. Lecture, 3 hours. General Education, Communication.
Grade ModeStandard Letter
General EducationY
General Ed Lab Science 
Liberal ArtsY
Teacher Education 
Approved DeliveryTraditional
Hybrid - Term approved: Fall 2002
Online - Term approved: Fall 2002
Instructional MethodLecture or lecture with formally scheduled discussion, activity, demonstration, clinic
Credit Hours3
Faculty Load Hours3
Contact Hrs48
Enrollment Based WkldNo
RepeatsCourse may not be repeated
Max Load 
First Term OfferedUnknown
Last Term ModifiedSummer 2017
Last Term OfferedFall 2024
General Ed Student Learning OutcomesThe student will effectively communicate in oral form. (Communication - Oral)

The student will access information from credible sources and use it effectively and responsibly. (Information Literacy)

General Ed Assessment MeasuresCommunication: Oral – A persuasive policy speech which is assessed using the National Communication Association’s Public Speaking Evaluation Rubric.

Information Literacy - Persuasive Speech Full-Sentence Outline which is assessed using the Persuasive Speech Outline Rubric.